TS Electric Guitar

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Product Overview

Our TS model features the classic T-style body with added belly and forearm comfort carves. The maple-shaft neck is a blend of old and new with a traditional style headstock and 22 frets with a slim C profile and 12 inch radius. It is available with a Rosewood, Ebony or Maple fretboard. Default is right-handed but if you want a lefty guitar, just let us know.

Our modular pickup system is the ultimate in versatility letting you change pickups instantly in any combinations you want. Switch your 2-pickup T-style to a 3-single-coil configuration or dual humbuckers, or just one humbucker, anything you want. Use any pickups you want, active or passive, mix and match to find new and exciting tone combinations. We include three of our machined aluminum cartridges, or one full cartridge installed with two with great Kent Armstrong single-coil pickups and also include one empty humbucker cartridge. Select "Three Half" or "Full Plus Half" when ordering your guitar. Three cartridges give you six tone combinations, so it's like having six guitars in one! Order more cartridges and pickups on our Accessories page and build your tone library like you never imagined you could.

Standard features include:

22 medium-jumbo stainless steel frets, 25.5" scale, 12" radius
Hipshot USA locking tuners
Alder body
6-way switch
Hipshot USA high-mass bridge
Pure-tone output jack
9V battery for active pickups
Dunlop USA Straploks
This price includes an ABS hard case. You will need to order additional cartridges and then the pickups to go in them. If you order the pickups from us we will install and test them for you at no extra charge. Please visit our Accessories page to order cartridges and pickups and our Upgrades page for additional options.

Current build time is 60-90 days, and the first orders placed will be the first to ship.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review