R66 Active Hexaphonic Variable Gain Pickup

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Product Overview

A humbucker on steroids. Actually six humbuckers in one shell, with a built-in variable gain preamp. What does that mean? It means each string has its own pair of coils and its own distinct output so you can hear each string more clearly. Ordinary humbuckers blend all of the strings together, and active circuits boost them together so you get a blended and often mushy sound. The R66 active on-board preamp boosts the gain of each string individually, and then blends the individual tones back together so you hear each string's voice more clearly, even through heavy overdrive. You can even balance the output of the low strings versus the high strings to customize your output, a feat that is impossible with ordinary pickups!

If that weren't enough, the R66 has variable gain capability which means you can control the amount of boost with a volume control. There is so much gain on tap that even on a clean channel you can dial up a hard crunch overdrive if you want. Imagine that mountain of gain on an overdrive channel!

Any model of Somnium guitar can be outfitted with an extra gain control for the R66 but you can also put this pickup in any guitar that can take a humbucker. It naturally has more gain than most other humbuckers so even without a gain control, you'll get a bump in power and all of the clarity of the hexaphonic coil system. If you have the space in your control cavity you can install the gain control pot (included) and take full advantage of this amazing pickup. It doesn't matter the style of music, this is not just a hard rock or metal pickup; the clarity is awesome for any genre!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review