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We designed a series of guitars with the unique ability to hot-swap any pickup of your choosing in and out at will. Active or passive, single coil or humbucker, old or new, neck or bridge, switch them around however you like. No need to unplug your guitar; simply pop out one pickup, snap in another and keep on playing, just that easy. Did you ever wish your guitar or bass had that ability? It's not a dream anymore, it's a reality.
Somnium is the Latin word for "dream". We wanted guitar players to be able to create their dream guitar, and re-dream it anytime they choose, particularly for tone. Electric guitars are built with fixed pickups which have a fixed tone. It's been that way since 1932! A pickup that's great for fat and soulful blues is not going to be bright and twangy for country, or give you a saturated cutting overdrive tone for metal, and so on. Changing pickups is a difficult process and most players will buy and carry around several different guitars just to have a variety of tones. Music has no limits, so why should your guitar?
We are musicians who are taking the electric guitar to a whole new level. It is an evolution of the instrument, giving you the traditional look and feel with the unprecedented ability to easily change your tones out in seconds, anytime you want. This may not be the only guitar you'll ever own, but it will certainly be the most versatile.