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The voice of your guitar is your pickups, and the right pickup doesn't just make your guitar sing the sweetest notes, it makes you a better player. Hearing a beautiful tone is inspirational, it puts you into the notes and drives your fingers to take the music welling up out of your soul and release it expressively and passionately out into the world. Yes, the right pickups make THAT much of a difference. Playing different styles means different pickup choices because the pickup that sounds great for metal probably won't be the best for jazz, or country, or classic rock, blues or reggae. Different musical styles require different voices, and until now that has meant you have to buy several different guitars to produce the tones you want for those different styles.

What we've done is created a professional quality guitar which can become many guitars, really almost any guitar you need it to be. It looks, feels and plays just like any other quality guitar you have played before but with one big difference: you can change out pickups in seconds, any pickups you like. They can be single coils or humbuckers, active or passive, old or new, neck, bridge or middle, any shape like a soapbar, lipstick tube or mini-bucker. No need to unplug your guitar; simply pop out one pickup, snap in another and keep on playing, just that easy. Did you ever wish your guitar or bass had that ability? It's not a dream anymore, it's a reality.

Somnium is the Latin word for "dream". We wanted guitar players to be able to have their dream tones and multiple guitars at their fingertips anytime they wanted. You will be amazed at the tones you can discover when you can mix and match unlimited combinations of pickups. Sure, you could buy 5 or 6 or 10 of your favorite sounding guitars and carry them around, but what if you could just carry one that was all of those, and many more? Music has no limits, so why should your guitar?

Forget what you've seen before in modular guitars; this is a whole new level. It is an evolution of the instrument so simple, intuitive and easy to use that you will wonder how you ever got along without this. Get your hands on one and you will see what we mean. It won't be the only guitar you'll ever own, but it will certainly be the most versatile.