Half-Size Cartridge for P-90 Soapbar

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Product Overview

This is a half-size Somnium cartridge (pickup module) that you can use in either the bridge or neck position. It accepts any classic P90 soapbar style guitar pickup. Although that type of pickup is normally screwed into wood, we provide a bottom plate for the pickup so that you can use it in our aluminum cartridges with full access to height adjustment. Installation is solderless with a mini terminal strip for attaching your pickup wires, and the cartridge disassembles in less than a minute. An Allen wrench and mini screwdriver are included.

Our cartridge is made of machined aluminum and stainless steel with mechanical locking pins (no magnets). Weight is 8.5 oz. (241 g).

PLEASE NOTE that a pickup is NOT included; this is an empty cartridge ONLY. Any pickups shown in photos are for illustration only. This cartridge is new, and accurate photos of it will be available soon.