Half-Size Cartridge for Lipstick Tube

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Product Overview

This is a half-size Somnium cartridge (pickup module) that you can use in either the bridge or neck position. It accepts any full-size lipstick-tube style guitar pickup 3-1/4" long (82.7mm). It comes with a new base plate with full access to height adjustment from the top of our cartridge. This means you will need to remove the factory plate and attach ours instead.

NOTE: If you want to install a mini-lipstick tube pickup please let us know, that is a different pickup hole size.

Pickup installation is solderless with a mini terminal strip for attaching your pickup wires, and the cartridge disassembles in less than a minute. An Allen wrench and mini screwdriver are included.

Cartridge weight is 8.5 oz. (241 g).

PLEASE NOTE that a pickup is NOT included; this is an empty cartridge ONLY. Any pickups shown in photos are for illustration only.