Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about their Somnium Guitars:

"The T-style guitar I ordered is awesome...REALLY AWESOME!!! The weight is nice and light, as I requested, good job there! The neck is damn near perfect for me. I love the V shape, and the build quality and woods used are fantastic. You clearly were following my requests, which is great customer service on a custom guitar. You also nailed the color I was asking for. Bottom line: You made the exact guitar we discussed, great job!" - Jay J., Sparks, Nevada     (Somnium TS guitar)


"If I want a gold foil, I just put one in!" - John Willis, Nashville, Tennessee (Recording Artist)    (Somnium TS standard and TS baritone scale guitars)


"Thank you and congrats on the greatest guitar ever built and that R66 pickup. Holy S#!t, that thing would [make] Dimebag s#*t his pants and call it quits." Jack L., Magnolia, Texas   (Somnium TS guitar)