Somnium guitars are designed to be the ultimate studio guitar for recording, yet also are a killer choice for the gigging musician on stage. They are premium quality hand-finished USA-built instruments where every feature has been carefully thought out to give you the most professional guitar experience possible. Every Somnium guitar includes:


   ·   Zero-fret premium neck for superior tuning stability and low action.

   ·   Aluminum reinforced and contoured neck pocket for a solid feel and great sustain.

   ·   Active + passive pickup capability (run both types simultaneously and seamlessly)

   ·   6-way selector switch for maximum dual or triple-pickup combinations

   ·   Slim 1-1/2” thin contoured body for comfort

   ·   Stainless steel hand-finished frets for amazing comfort

   ·   Hipshot USA tuning machines and bridges for top quality feel and sustain

   ·   Patented solderless interchangeable pickup system for unlimited tone combinations


Not only did we make all these premium features standard, we also give you the ability to change pickups anytime you want to in just seconds with no compromises. Yes, this one guitar can run two pickups or three pickups, any brand or type, single coil or humbucker, active or passive, neck or bridge in any combination, switchable in seconds. The tonal possibilities are truly endless!
When you pick one up you have an instant bond with a familiar friend that is so comfortable, so smoothly playable that you know you have something special in your hands. The weight and balance, the low action, the fit and finish are such that you just can’t help that grin on your face as you take it for a test drive. Soon you’ll pause to look it over and realize that there are anodized aluminum plates on the back side that just pop right out with two fingers. Yes, you can take out that humbucker and snap in a P90 soapbar or a Tele bridge pickup, just like that, bridge or neck position, however you want. Like plugging your amp into the wall socket, it’s just that simple. Now you have entire new tonal dimensions to experiment with, basically creating a new guitar every time you switch the pickups.


Is a Somnium going to replace your favorite guitars? No, and we're not trying to. Our guitars are an exceptional addition to your arsenal of musical capabilities, a “secret weapon” for tone if you will. They play and feel like you expect from a premium guitar, but now you can instantly change that guitar’s tone signature, its very character. That can make you a better player, and a more creative artist.

Your music has no limits, so why should your guitar? Check out this site to see our models and learn more about the Somnium guitar experience. See and hear them in action on the YouTube channel Guitar Tone Central.

"Thank you and congrats on the greatest guitar ever built and that R66 pickup. Holy S#!t, that thing would [make] Dimebag s#*t his pants and call it quits."

- An unsolicited actual testimonial from a Somnium customer. Really.

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