Somnium guitars are premium quality hand-finished USA-built instruments with a modular pickup system so easy, so intuitive and so unlimited that you will wonder why every guitar isn’t built this way. Change pickups anytime you want to in just seconds with no compromises. Snap in any brand, any style pickup, single coil or humbucker, active or passive, two pickups or three, in any combination. The tonal possibilities are truly endless!
If you record at home or in a studio, a Somnium guitar is a must-have. The versatility to instantly change pickups and get authentic tones for different musical styles is downright exciting! Recording Magazine called it "an incredibly powerful tool" (June 2022 issue). There are thousands of pickups out there with amazing tones for different styles of music, and normally you have to buy many different guitars to have all of those pickups available to experiment and create with. Not anymore.
Is a Somnium going to replace your favorite guitars? No, and we're not trying to. Our guitars are an unparalleled addition to your arsenal of tone capabilities. They play and feel like any other premium guitar, but you can switch pickups in and out at will to experiment and find new tones, old tones and dream tones for your music. Create combinations never thought of with an ordinary guitar, like a T-style bridge pickup in the neck and an active humbucker in the bridge, or a Nashville Tele setup with an active single coil in the middle. It's been called "The Impossible Guitar" with good reason, but it is not a  gimmick; it is a dream guitar for for working musicians. Somnium guitars are used by veteran artists and award-winning professional players across America.
Your music has no limits, so why should your guitar? Check out this site to see our models and learn more about the Somnium guitar experience. See and hear them in action on the YouTube channel Guitar Tone Central.

"Thank you and congrats on the greatest guitar ever built and that R66 pickup. Holy S#!t, that thing would [make] Dimebag s#*t his pants and call it quits."

- An unsolicited actual testimonial from a Somnium customer. Really.

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