"Thank you and congrats on the greatest guitar ever built and that R66 pickup. Holy S#!t, that thing would [make] Dimebag s#*t his pants and call it quits."

- An unsolicited actual testimonial from a Somnium customer. Really.

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A Somnium is quite simply the most versatile electric guitar ever made. It has been called “the impossible guitar” because it lets you change the pickups anytime you want to in just seconds, with no compromises. Snap in any brand, any style pickup, single coil or humbucker, active or passive, two pickups or three, in any combination. The tonal possibilities are endless.


Most players have a favorite guitar body style and more importantly a favorite neck feel. It's that great neck comfort in your hand that plays like butter and helps make your instrument a “dream” guitar, but what about the tone? There are thousands of pickups out there with amazing tones for different styles of music, and normally you have to buy several guitars to have all of those pickups available to experiment and create with. Not anymore.


Our one dream guitar can play any brand or style of pickup in any position, switchable in seconds. We’ve created interchangeable cartridges so that you can install your own pickups in minutes with just a screwdriver, and then experiment with different pickups over and over again to discover your dream tone combinations. You can even create combinations never thought of with an ordinary guitar, like a T-style bridge pickup in the neck and an active humbucker in the bridge. That combination never existed before, but it does now and you would be amazed at how good it can sound!


Somnium guitars are premium quality hand-finished USA-built instruments with a modular pickup system so easy, so intuitive and so unlimited that you will wonder why every guitar isn’t built this way. After all, music has no limits, so why should your guitar? Check out this site to see our models and learn more about The Impossible Guitar.

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